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A 44-year veteran of the aquaculture industry, Ed Brauer joined Wilbur-Ellis as a result of the Company’s acquisition of Rangen in 2019. Now part of the Wilbur-Ellis family, he reflects on what it’s like to work for a nearly-100-year old company.

In October 2018, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition made an important investment in our team expertise and capability in the area of safety and quality when we announced our acquisition of Ameri-Pac—a family-owned, value-added manufacturing business renowned in the industry for its attention and best-in-class standards around supporting animal health through the nutrition, mixing and testing it provides.

While our community giving continues throughout the year, we recognize that the holiday season is an especially important time to lend a hand and make sure we give additional support to folks who could use a little extra help. That’s why our Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition teams take the opportunity to conduct a food drive during this season each year.

At Wilbur-Ellis, safety has always been of the utmost importance. We owe it to ourselves, our partners and, of course, our customers to ensure the highest level of care is taken to ensure the quality we are known for remains a part of our DNA. This is why—over the past year—the Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition team has made some big moves and investments to expand our commitment to meeting Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory standards and both identify and close any potential for actual or perceived process gaps along the way.

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