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Our scale, global footprint and commitment to service strengthen our ability to build strong, long-lasting relationships that bring new solutions and value to our partners.

Relationships that create real value

From partnerships that dramatically cut down food waste to those that enable us to deliver all the nutrients animals need, we are committed to being an active, reliable and innovative addition to your team.

Interested in how we can work together? Contact us today to explore ways we can create solutions for you, for animals, for farmers and ranchers and for the earth.

Here are some of the ways we demonstrate this commitment to our partners.


For the past decade, we have worked with large and small breweries to maximize value from the two products left over from brewing that used to be destined for landfills — spent grain and spent yeast. In addition to investing in storage solutions for these partners’ spent resources, we provide the reliable transportation, documentation and access to local dairy and beef cattle farms needed to turn what was once a cost into a profit.

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Out of the Package

We are hard at work with many food manufacturers to further eliminate food waste, while in turn supplying swine and poultry farms with the feed and nutrients they need. By innovating to find cost-effective ways to remove food from packaging, we are unwrapping new opportunities for all.

Opening Doors

By helping connect the dots between what our partners offer and what our customers need, we get the word out there about the important products our additive partners to let them deliver crucial nutrients to the market without needing to devote time and resources to independent marketing efforts.

Finding the Solution

Wherever we can help our partners find value, we will do whatever we can to help unlock it. From aiding whiskey facilities in turning their wet, unusable resource into dry value-added products, to assisting our smaller brewery partners by housing spent grains appropriately, we will find or create solutions that work. 

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