Four generations of partners have confidently relied on our unwavering commitment to health and safety and our ability to deliver superior products, value-added services and practical innovations that support their business, now and into the future.

From off-the-shelf to

We partner with other industry leaders to offer an array of high-quality feed nutrients – a full range of solutions that include customized vitamins and mineral packages, forage, animal proteins, grains, vegetables and value-added alternative feeds derived from food processing.

Through practical creativity and resourcefulness, we’ve achieved multiple breakthroughs – discovering innovative nutrient sources; developing advances in distribution; eliminating food waste wherever possible; and improving facility and product safety. This is our secret recipe – one we apply across all our solutions.

“They are very service-oriented, efficient and professional in what they do. The leadership they have is very proactive, very business oriented. If you’re in a position to do business with Wilbur-Ellis, I would highly recommend it.”

Ken McDougall,
McDougall Acres,
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

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