Natural Antioxidants

Naturally Sourced Antioxidants

  • Ideal for premium and super premium brands
  • Protects product shelf life, flavor, color, freshness and nutrient stability
  • Formulated with natural-source tocopherols, lecithin and rosemary
  • Non-GMO liquid and other custom formula available upon request
  • Excellent food protection at a cost-effective price
  • Easily mixed into finished products / premixes

Pet owners are demanding natural ingredients in pet food products and Oxy-Gon® can help you meet this demand while maintaining product freshness, taste, quality and safety. Oxy-Gon® is a food-grade antioxidant made from plant-derived natural extracts. It is used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat-soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation.

Synthetic Antioxidants

Synthetic Antioxidant Systems

  • Excellent food protection
  • Multi-suited for application
  • Cost effective
  • Easily mixed into finished products / premixes
  • Easily accessed and readily available

Oxy-Block® is a food-grade, synthetic antioxidant line used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat-soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation. The antioxidants used in each formulation protect shelf life and control rancidity without having a direct effect on the odor or flavor of the stabilized product.

Nutritional Products

We produce and manufacture high quality nutritional supplements in various forms for private label distribution, including vitamins, trace minerals, nutraceuticals and probiotics. Our products can be produced in powders, liquids and suspensions, and packaged in bags, bottles, jugs and bulk totes ranging from 4-ounce packets to 275-gallon totes.

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Oxy-Gon® Antioxidants


Oxy-Gon® Powder Oxy-Gon® SF Liquid (grain-free)
Oxy-Gon® Liquid Oxy-Gon® Pro
Oxy-Gon® 10P Liquid Oxy-Gon® MAX
Oxy-Gon® SF Powder (grain-free) Oxy-Gon® Rosemary Flavor Enhancer
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Oxy-Block® Antioxidants


Oxy-Block® 4 Oxy-Block® K2
Oxy-Block® 4B Oxy-Block® K2C
Oxy-Block® 8 Oxy-Block® K4


Private Label

We offer private label contract manufacturing of premixes for pet food and livestock and nutritional supplements. By combining high quality ingredients, stringent standards and expert knowledge, we can help you develop the ideal product for your customers. All production is done in our modern facilities, using state-of-the-art technology. Our animal nutrition scientists and manufacturing experts help you develop the ideal custom blend for your customers.


We offer on-site laboratory services where we can conduct shelf studies, fats and oils testing, antioxidant level testing and microbial testing using industry-approved methods.

Ingredient Grinding & Processing

At our facilities, we have the equipment and capacity to custom process bulk ingredients to your exact specifications. As part of our offering, we handle ingredient processing for mixing, milling and screening, repackaging and warehousing.