As the heat of the summer fades and the morning air turns crisp, students all over the country are settling into a new year of reading lists and homework. That’s right; it’s back to school time.

But this year, three students return with a renewed appreciation for their chosen majors and a better understanding of the career path their lessons could lead to following an exciting, hands-on summer interning with the Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition team. This small but mighty group included:

At Wilbur-Ellis, interns are an embedded part of our teams. Our aim to provide students the opportunity to work directly with teams of professionals who are experts in their fields and live our core values—Integrity, Diversity, Effort, Accountability and Service (IDEAS).

By working closely together with their teams, HR and a designated mentor, our interns get to participate in meaningful knowledge-sharing experiences and see the value of the contributions they help make. This hands-on, tailored approach to internships also helps ensure that day-to-day responsibilities and ongoing projects prepare the individuals for their post-college lives, helping them solidify and reach future career goals.

“My experience at Wilbur-Ellis taught me a lot about the industry I want to work in after I finish my degree,” said Josh. “I feel like I’ll be able to make a meaningful contribution to the company I join based on everything I learned this summer.”

Alexis and Kyle echoed Josh’s thoughts. Both also agreed that their experiences will allow them to take real-world learnings and advanced knowledge back to the classroom.

In addition to gaining real-world experience, Alexis, Josh and Kyle also learned a lot about Wilbur-Ellis as a company. Each started their internships with varying degrees of knowledge about Wilbur-Ellis but came away with a deeper understanding of the Company’s commitment to living its core values, believing that EveryONE Matters and dedication to creating an inclusive environment.

“I’m thankful that I got to work with Wilbur-Ellis, reflected Alexis. “They are a large company, but they have great values and really appreciate their employees. It was great to be a part of that.”

For Josh and Kyle, it was the openness and welcoming attitude of their teams that stood out and helped them feel comfortable in their roles.

Thinking about pursuing your own internship soon? Kyle had some important advice stemming from his own experience: “If you raise a problem to your manager, bring them a solution as well. Managers see a lot of problems, but if you present them with a solution, it helps you stand out and build a rapport. I got more out my internship once I started to be more proactive.”

Similarly, Josh encourages interns to not to be afraid to ask questions, as that is how they will learn the most.

Are you interested in interning with Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition? Visit to explore open opportunities.