Our History


Brayton Wilbur Sr., Floyd Ellis, and Thomas Franck start a trading company for fish meal, oil, and cement with $5,000.


In 1931, Wilbur-Ellis established an export trading business in Asia-Pacific with the acquisition of Connell Brothers, a distributor of food and other products.


Wilbur-Ellis opens crop protection and treatment locations, starting in California and Arizona.


In post-war Japan, Wilbur-Ellis is one of the first foreign-based companies to reestablish trade with the country, a legacy continued today.


As formulas for fertilizer and crop protection become more sophisticated, Wilbur-Ellis purchases businesses in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Texas. This begins a strategic acquisition approach that continues today.


A Regulatory Affairs group is created to monitor and ensure compliance with environmental regulation.


The Nutrition business becomes a separate division. Wilbur-Ellis now ranks among the 50 largest privately-owned companies in the United States.


Nutrition enters the premix business with the acquisition of Knox McDaniel (2001), Western Feed Supplements (2003), and Inman (2004).

The Company enters the pet food market by acquiring the Fauna potato processing plant in Idaho (2004).

Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition acquires Alberta Timothy (2006). The company acquires Pro-Food and expands in Idaho (2008). Sutter Grading in California was added to the byproduct business in 2009.


Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition acquires three thriving family businesses in the animal nutrition space:

  • A meat bone rendering plant in New Zealand and a meal mixing plant in Kaufman County, Texas (2011).
  • Ameri-Pac Inc., a family-owned business in St. Joseph, Missouri, which specializes in specialty products for pet food, livestock, and aquaculture (2018).
  • Rangen, Inc., a privately held aquaculture and general feed company with facilities in Buhl, Idaho, and Angleton, Texas (2019).


Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition acquires the forage pellet business of Ametza LLC. Ametza is based in El Centro, California, and manufactures and sells forage pellets for livestock. Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition acquires The F.L. Emmert Company, a 142-year-old family-owned business in Cincinnati that upcycles brewery and food co-products into specialty ingredients for pets, livestock, and aquaculture (2022).

In 2023, Nutrition strategically closed the Vancouver offices and transferred headquarters to Buhl, Idaho. 

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