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Alfalfa Hay

With superior digestibility and essential vitamins, minerals, and crude protein, Alfalfa Hay* promotes optimal health for your livestock.

*Also available in straw.

Bermuda Hay

Bermuda Hay is a superior forage choice for livestock. With a rich nutrient profile and excellent digestibility, Bermuda Hay supports optimal animal health.

Bermuda Straw

Elevate your farming with Bermuda Straw, a versatile and sustainable agricultural solution. Bermuda Straw ensures efficient farm management while promoting animal and soil health.


Packed with essential nutrients and boasting high digestibility, Kleingrass promotes optimal health and vitality, ensuring superior productivity and well-being.


Nutrient-rich Sudan Grass Hay is optimal for livestock health. It is highly digestible and rich in essential nutrients, enhancing vitality and productivity.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is rich in fiber and a highly palatable solution. It has a high rate of digestibility and nutritional content containing low DCAD.

EXPLORE ametza pellets


Our premium feed and forage products help ensure cattle, swine, poultry, and other livestock species maintain optimal health and production yields.


The health of our pets is a top priority. We deliver high-quality, safe products that meet canine and feline nutritional needs.

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